Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bentos for 14/5/08

Husband Bento 14/5/08

The new "Hard Road" bento for my Husband arrived today and he was very happy - and surprised. He found the heavy work ethic on the cover quite amusing - you have to feel sorry for the man who works 12 hour days! But, he at least loves his job so those worries have already been overcome.

The top tier has two cinnamon jolly rancher candies sent to us from a wonderful friend in America, emmental babybel, maple smoked ham, fruit chew thing and fresh strawberries.

Bottom has inari with seasoned rice and two onigiri filled with chicken and white miso paste with herb salad underneath.

I'll chuck a couple apples into his lunchbox and a bag of peanuts for post gym munchies.

I am worried this isn't enough food for him, but he doesn't want something that needs reheating - so must be cold lunch foods. Getting away from the classic sandwich is a good thing - we're in a sarnie rut.

Sassy lunch 14/5/08

After making the fancy lunch yesterday of which I was so proud, only to come home and find Sassy didn't eat it because "the boys were having Pokemon battles in the playground" she just had to see - she's getting a standard lunch today. The brat.

Top: edible joke, hot tamales (cinnamon chews from America) strawberry humzinger.

Middle: two onigiri filled with minced chicken and white miso paste. I got my nori punches yesterday - hooray!

Bottom: carrots, red pepper, cucumber and a babybel.

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Maja said...

I don't understand kids that don't eat their lunch! I ate all my lunch every day and more when I was in school.