Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bentos for 21/5/08

My Mom flies back home to Tennessee today. We're bummed. The two weeks have flown by and I just don't know where the time has gone. It's supposed to be the sign of a good visit, but it still sucks. I wanted to send Mom off with a nice lunch so she didn't have to suffer the ills of airplane food.

Two onigiri, one with a ham and cream cheese parcel inside the other with a pickled onion (She loves them!), rocket leaves, two seasoned fried chicken kebabs (pointy bits cut off so airport guys don't freak out over little pointy stick) some sugar snap peas, carrots and hummous to dip them in and a babybel.

I hope she likes it and has a very safe flight. I'll miss you Mom!

The SassyFace actually ate 90% of her bento yesterday! That's rare and excellent. Today she has my bento box (Isn't it cute!) because I was too tired to wash dishes last night after two hours of bento making...and hiding in the kitchen to avoid sad "My Mommy is leaving me!" feelings (Because my Mom flies back home to America today) Top has two onigiri with fried chicken inside, and several chunks of fried chicken, with mange tout and carrot flowers on some rocket leaves. Bottom is fresh mango, babybel and some cut up pieces of "School bars" which are compressed fruit chew bars. I think they taste awful but my kids love them. There's apple and blackcurrant flavours. A haribo for playground dessert. Oh shit! I forgot a joke!Left: Two onigiri one with ham and cream cheese parcel inside, the other has fried chicken, mini fried chicken kebabs, rocket leaves, mange tout, red pepper. Middle: Puree of ham, red pepper and cream cheese topped with nanami togarashi, sliced carrots, sugar snap peas, red pepper and sliced hot dog. Right: mixed nuts, haribo, apple and an orange. I made this, thought it was great, then now just as I'm typing it up I realise; Husband isn't going into work today because he's taking Mom to the airport and will work from home later. Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'll count this as practice.


Jacki said...

Hi Lyvvie!

How did you make your onigiri such awesome colours? Did you just throw in some forbidden rice with the white rice when you cooked it?

Grats on getting shortlisted in Bento Pet's contest :)


Lyvvie said...

I am? I'll have to check that out - it was the 29th yesterday wasn't it?!

Darn it!! So out the loop at the moment!

These were a mixture of forbidden rice and plain short grain rice. The forbidden rice coloured the white rice a lighter purple to give the marbled look.

They were quite stodgy, these and didn't take seasoning well. I'd salt them and then it was if I never did! Very strange. Next time I'll try stronger seasonings for them, otherwise they are rather bland and heavy.