Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bentos for 28/5/08

Husband's bento also looks a simple affair - Perhaps making these up so late at night isn't such a good idea?

Top has carrot and red pepper with turkey and cheese roll-ups with a few bites of mini salami.

Bottom are three very big inarizushi (marinated fried tofu wraps - sounds icky but taste awesome and sweet) filled with the horseradish furikake and smoked salmon. He also got a sidecar of mixed nuts and dates, an apple and an orange.

yeah yeah...over exposed. *sigh*

Sassy's not been eating her lunch. The playground with all its Pokemon trading excitement means she's not got the attention for food. Sigh. I'm going to try cutting back the amounts I put in her meals for two reasons: to save money and encourage her to eat more. I figure if she sees less she'll be more likely to eat it all. That could be twisted logic but we'll see. So there's a lot of spaces in there for a reason. Top has two onigiri with horseradish furikake - Which is really nice as it has the flavour of horseradish but not the heat - filled with smoked salmon. Snack cheese and cherry tomatoes. Bottom has carrot, red pepper and a few bites of mini salami. The lid has a bag of haribo minis and a riddle: How do you spell hard water with 3 letters? Ice! Ok it's a lame riddle, I'm not best pleased myself, but it was the best I could find at 11:30pm.

Shorty's Bento 28/5/08

Well Shorty asked for a bento box for her lunch today. I think she was feeling left out. As she eats lunch at home and has school in the afternoon, I was just giving her a boring normal lunch - but she wanted a bento and a joke just like her big sister and well - fair is fair.

She asked for everything - top has smoked salmon and turkey with cherry tomatoes. Bottom has carrot and cucumber with swapped flower cut-outs. they're quite cheerful really.

She then insisted I take a picture and post it - she's a very commanding four year old! She's very excited to see her lunch here right now.

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