Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bentos for 29/5/08

Husband gets a protein heavy bento because I felt like it.Two smoked salmon onigiri with mirin furikake. Smoked sausage, red pepper and rocket leaves.Bottom has mini kebabs of leftover turkey from turkey and veg pie (Was yummy), salami and cheese and cucumbers. He'll get a side of mixed nuts, and apple and an orange.There's quite a lot of food crammed into that small box - believe me! But it's my experimenting bento. I was trying out making the tassel things with omelet - which has soy sauce in it which is why it's brown - and turkey. The egg heads - although I was trying to cut out the white, expose the yolk and put a face on it, but I couldn't find the yolk and missed it. The rice ball is egg yolk cooked rice filled with smoked salmon and with white ears - because I forgot to leave extra egg rice for the ears, and the pink is salami, cheese face and red pepper tongue. Wee broccoli bits to fill in the holes, carrot flowers and an underbed of rocket and and some haribo. Joke to follow as I'm knackered.Can you guess? I know the close up is fuzzy - sorry! I was sneaking around hiding it from everyone so I don't ruin the Friday suprise. And no - this won't be Friday's onigiri. I'll make a fresh one. He looks like he's sleeping. dammit!

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