Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blogging My Obento

I made the decision recently to start making the kids a packed lunch every day. It's no surprise that the cost of food has become expensive and as a consequence so has the school hot lunch. I have one child in school full time and another in part time. My youngest has food allergies to milk and eggs, so preparing meals for her separate from her peers is essential, however I've never wanted her to feel left out of what everyone else is having.

We aren't vegans, although we don't have dairy(apart from butter, can't live without butter)(And cheese but I'm not a fan) milk, yet I've become quite a good vegan chef over the years and try new things all the time. So far everyone has liked the cakes, muffins and other things I've forced or sneaked into their meals. I'm lucky that they aren't too hard to please.

I wanted this new move into packed lunches to be exciting, not a political or depressing subject. When we found bento things at J-list we thought - What Fun! And it's been a slow gathering of items to get us into the full Obento swing. The kids now have very different, very exciting lunches that encourage them to eat and enjoy. And to be the envy of every other kid at the dining table.

At the moment it's just Sassy-Face getting the bento for lunch. Husband will be getting bento soon, I'll phase him in slowly as he's more sensitive to the comments of his co-workers, and Shorty gets her assortment in her bento box, but here at home before afternoon pre-school. This time is my practice time. I'm learning how to make the more traditional bento foodstuffs, and trying to find the nutrition/foodlike balance while all the time keeping up the fun and excitement.

The past two days have been Sassy lunches only. Here's the pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday (I didn't take pictures of Monday/Tuesday because I wasn't sure how I was going to swing this.)


Bento Lunch for Sassy

Today's lunch, and first foray into Bento lunches, Top Tier: a ham and cheese sandwich cut with the onigiri shaper (I cut the leftover sandwich bit and rolled it up in a spiral because I couldn't just throw it out) and red pepper, carrot and green bean ke-babs and a star shaped hard boiled egg (I bought the wrong sized egg so it was a bit smooshed)

Bottom Tier: house cup of raisins, grapes, cherry tomatoes and some mini gherkins.

The Lid has a packet of haribo and a note from Mom written with food colouring pens on cooking rice paper. I can't wait to see whether she eats the note or not. (Aha! she did!)

food that came back: Sandwich (she didn't like the cheese) the grapes and raisins.

Sassy's Lunch

Today is a mini pork pie on salad with skewers of red pepper and edamame, hot dogs and mini gerkins and a star egg (again, wrong sized egg - too small this time)

Top tier: raspberry jello, grapes (She's not been eating them so only a few) Cherry tomatoes, Babybel and a clementine. Lid has a few chocolate biscuits.

I added another note on rice paper; today was a joke she can share with her friends: "What does a SeaMonster eat? Fish and Ships!"

It's just right for an eight year old.

Food that came back: grapes, tomatoes, the egg's yolk and the salad. She says she wasn't feeling well today.

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