Monday, May 5, 2008

I must stop spending!

It's got me - the bento obsession. I'm spending too much money on this...must reign in. BUT - when I was on Lakeland's website night I found some great things! So I've ordered:

Butterfly cutter set £2.99
Teddy Bear cutter set £3.99
Ice cream sandwich moulds £10.50 (Shocking price) (but I do make my own ice cream)
Tostabags £5.99 (Excellent for quick toasted cheese sarnies)
Blossom cutters (set of three) £8.29 (But just noticed a set of four plastic ones! Damn!)

But I've also got coming from America...

Set of four vegetable cutters $6.99
Triangle silicone cups $9.99

And from Bento Crazy in Japan...

Hard Road bento box $16.00 (For Husband)
Nori face punches x3 $20.00 (Okay I'm stunned I paid this too) (mine were different)
Strawberry candy bento $6.50 (For Shorty's Birthday)
Strawberry bag $4.00
Face food cutters $12.00 (Oh, maybe sold out?)

So I really have to stop. This stuff is addicting. I must go make rice now.

Oh shit, I've just finished my 5Kg bag of Japanese rice. Must order never ends!!

The kids are off of school today, but I made bento-esque lunches to keep in practice. We all had onigiri and meatball aliens with an assortment of veggies and hula hoops.
Bento practice


Jacki said...

You're as bad as me!! :)

Nice picks though! My BF has the Hard Road bento box and it's awesome, he uses it two or three times a week. It's the perfect size.

I ordered the punches from bento crazy too!

Lyvvie said...

I'm only thankful I'm not registered with Ebay - or there'd be trouble. *LOL*