Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sassy Bento 22/5/08

Sassy Bento 22/5/08

Yesterday, SassyFace didn't eat any of her mains, only the sweets. I was quite annoyed at her so this lunch is lighter on treats and snacks so if she's hungry, she has no choice but to eat the meat and cheeses.

Top: cut up apple school bar, stoned dates, babybel with butterfly cut-out and a box of raisins.

Bottom: Sliced hot dog (Vienna sausage from Aldi - really nice) with sliced carrots and red peppers, Smoked ham and cheese roll-ups on picks.

I hope she gets the joke - it made me laugh.

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Chick said...

I've never heard of obentos before...but I love them! I Googled them & am now fully fascinated...yours are so lovely & yummy looking. Any tips on getting started? Any other good sites out there? How do you make those great sticky rice shapes? Think it would work as well with brown rice?

Anyway, if you feel like me back sometime...& thanks in advance. have no idea what you may have started.

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