Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sassy Bento #3

Sassy Bento #3

It's Friday and it's the first week of Bento lunch finished. Today's lunch has a triangle theme with a giant onigiri of seasoned rice with a sprinkle of Swartz Thai 7 spice and a chunk of chargrilled chicken in the middle on a bed of salad leaves. With some chopped chicken on the side, triangle carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and a few grapes.

The tiered portion has a pork pie, a car cup of raspberry jello, a tri-bite cheese and mini veggie ke-babs in triangle cuts of red pepper and cucumber. The lid has a couple of Austrian strawberry butter biscuits.

Today's joke on rice paper is: What does thunder wear under its clothes? Thunderwear!

This is my first successful attempt at onigiri, having failed a couple times before for not making them firm enough. So the other day I used onigiri moulds and wanted to follow Biggie's recipe for yaki-onigiri but when I went to turn them over they just crumbled apart. This time I tried Maki's suggestion for squishing up one's onigiri in a bit of plastic wrap - where she suggests using the strong saran wrap and not the thinner kinds; I can't get thick plastic wrap so I folded over my thin wrap to make it thicker. It worked ok apart from a few bubbles. Needless to say they came out great, if a bit big. The only problem this time is the nori band across the bottom started to pull the middle bit of rice down so it looks like the onigiri's insides are going to spill out...which would be great for Halloween.

Sassy is loving her bentos. She's getting quite excited to see what's going to be in them next, and even has volunteered to help me make them. I feel on the one hand I should of course encourage her to help make her lunch as it would encourage her to eat all of it. On the other hand, she'd be privy to all my surprises and that's all of the fun in this for me. As well as her enjoying it. I know I'm having a bit of a "My toy, get lost" moment and I shouldn't but darnit it's my fun! OK, from now on she can do some of it and I'll just restock it with surprises when she's brushing her teeth in the morning.


The Hotfessional said...

Way cool Lyvvie! How creative you are.

Maja said...

Wow, that is so cool! I wish my mum had made me lunches like that. When I was Sassy's age, I got one cheese sandwich for lunch, and one orange cut up into quarters for morning tea. I used to eat half the sandwich at morning tea and at lunchtime my friends would give me extras from their lunch that they didn't want. I was so huuuungry!

Lyvvie said...

I used to have to make own lunches! My Mom was too busy for that sort of thing.

Lyvvie said...

Cheese and mayonnaise. That was my favourite. How things have changed.