Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sassy Lunch #7 (I think)

Today's lunch has:

Sassy Bento #7

Top is an edible joke and a blackcurrant fruit chew. (Wish I'd done a fish joke now...)

Middle: I've tried the weenie fish, and fish shapes cut from orange pepper wedged into the sandwich quarter of cheese and ham, skewers of rolled lettuce, leftover bits of wiener and the pepper fish bits and a pork pie.

Bottom is pieced clementine, grapes and dates and a cheese wedge with a fish cut out.

I only cut myself twice.


Supplies have arrived (With Mom from America)

Bento Supplies!

My Mom has come for a visit from America and has brought Bento Booty! I asked if she could find the lock-n-lock lunchbox with the dividers in them, but she brought this plate sized one instead. I'm game to try and see if we can make these work - will probably have to build so it could be put vertically into a backpack, so how to stop top foods from falling into bottom part will be a challenge.

Also got mini cutter "Romance" selection, a people maker cutter set and the flower veggie cutter set. Awesome how these plate boxes work for organizing my cutter collection. (Hear that; I have a collection now) Finally the triangle silicone cups. Only come in pink and purple, but that's ok, I have girls after all.

I can't wait to play!

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