Monday, May 12, 2008

SassyFace Bento 12/5/08

Sassy Bento 12/5/08

Top is the edible joke "What veg can't go on a boat? Leeks!" and a humzinger in blackcurrant.

Middle is a mixed salad with two oat cakes, sliced hotdog, cheesehead, carrot hair, red pepper shirt, carrot belt, ham skirt, red pepper legs, cheese hands, sesame eyes and food colour pen for lips an cheeks.

Bottom is home-made vegan chocolate cake with frosting in the middle (I made these mini cakes to try a new recipe for my other daughter's birthday cake; her bierthday is tomorrow. Recipe will be on my blog 13/5/08 strawberries and some lefteovers from the cheese girl - babybel with a carrot filler and red pepper. It makes me think I could try this one day to make a pokemon pokeball. Carrot flowers.

How tempted am I to put eyes of some sort on the cake to make it look like it's sticking its tongue out - VERY! If only I had a hole punch...

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