Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Family Bento

On Saturdays we go into the city for the girls' swimming lessons and then we go to Great Grandma Betty's for lunch. Betty is away this weekend visiting one of her friends so I've made a take-away lunch for us all after swimming.

Family bento snack.

There's large onigiri with salmon and sesame seeds inside, and the small ones are plain. I made sushi with salmon, sesame and sweet corn. I'll not use sweetcorn again, it was an experiment but doesn't cut nice. I only used it because it was right there on the counter. Carrots, cherry tomatoes and bit of bag salad. Bottles of Cherryade round off the snack before we head out to the mall to get presents for Shorty's 4th birthday, which is on the 13th.

Yesterday I was in planning mode. One of the things with bento prep is it takes ages. You have to make he rice, wait for it to cool, cut minute bits of saeweed to make faces - Ugh! So there's a trend now called speed bento. Most of the stuff is pre made and frozen and then nuked in the morning to thaw before being put in the bento. I've been a wee bit dubious of this plan because I've always been told that it's a no no to freeze rice and it's the number one cause of food poisoning across the world. But I've read and read lots of info on it, and tons of folks do this so I made the attempt. So with left over rice lat night, I made three small onigiri, and froze them.

I also made a large batch of meatballs. I figured these are things that will always be welcomed protein in a bento and they'll fit in tight spaces and be excellent filler. I made spiced beef and pork meatballs, put them into groups of three and froze them. Funny enough I have no trouble with freezing meatballs and reheating them the next day. So this is some kind of mental block on the rice thing. See how hearing one piece of information or reading one article and form blocks in your head? I had a friend whose brother told her, when they were very little, that cucumber seeds were poisonous. To this day she'll not eat cucumber, even though she knows the seeds aren't poisonous. Anyways; pictures!

Ingredients for spiced meatballs I used all the ingredients apart from eggs (No egg no bread in these) and the Thai 7 spice as the Worchestershire sauce made them peppery enough. I used the food processor to whizz the coriander, ginger, onion and garlic with glugs of soy, WS brown sauce (Akin to A1 but thicker) and stirfry oil, so no chunks in the meatballs. The meat is steak mince and pork mince (500g each)

Rolled meatballs Cooked on a sheet I'd used earlier for bacon so the meatballs are cooked in bacon fat. Fatty Fatty but goooood.

Cooked Meatballs


Overboard said...

The other kids must be sooooooooooo envious of Shorty's bento lunches. they look great. Healthy, too.
Fuck, I'm hungry now.

Lyvvie said...

At the moment they're curious and making comments about the food being weird. They'll come around. I know they're going home and asking their Moms to make them rice balls for lunch.

How have you been? I've stalked you silently off and on. things good? Happy? I like your picture, you've got great legs and have definitely lots all the weight you used to worry about. Perhaps living on the open sea is the answer to weight loss?