Thursday, May 29, 2008

Star Wars Bento

For the Star Wars Challenge in Bento Challenge.

Rice is forbidden rice mixed with sushi rice and seasoned with mirin furikake, Darth Vader onigiri filled with tuna mayonnaise, a red pepper light saber, cheese and nori x-wings and tie fighters and an egg Death Star with a Cheddar letters and red pepper laser beams.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lyvvie--I'm delurking to let you know I'm obsessed with your Bento Blog. I look forward each day to my Bento Fix. They are so creative--and each is a tiny work of art. Thanks for the fun.

Lyvvie said...

You're welcome! And thanks for the compliment. I look forward to making them every day.

Jacki said...

lol, too cute!! I love the little fighters!!!