Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bentos for 11.6.08

Poor Husband, he was on a work night out last night. Got a bit tipsy. Feels a bit queasy this morning. Nothings better for a mild hangover than a lunch full of greasy meats and cheese. MMmm.

Left has a salad with rocket (arugala), sugar snap peas, red pepper and radish flowers. Two nori wrapped quail's eggs and a wee bottle of sweet sesame and soy dressing.

Right has mini ham and cheese sandwiches with curried garlic pickle, four meatballs, cherry tomatoes, mini salamis and a wedge of camembert to spread onto oat crackers that I'll put into the lunchbox with a plum and an apple muffin.

Sassy is only getting one tier for the rest of the week. She's not eating her lunch and it's getting very frustrating for me. She keeps saying she's not hungry. I can't see how that's possible so now I'm wondering if she's coming down with a cold or something.

Two mini ham and cheese sandwiches, two meatballs, two mini salamis, radish, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas.

She'll get a couple small cookies and her vitamins, a juice box and a plum.

The thing is she's starving by the time I pick her up from school and he's scrounging my pockets for an apple and moaning about how hungry she is non-stop until supper time. Nothing more annoying than a kid who won't eat all day then bug's the crap out of me while I'm trying to cook dinner.

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