Thursday, June 12, 2008

Contest Help!

Hello freinds! Another Bento Babe freind of mine, PikkoPots is running a contest on her blog to vote for the best bento. I've entered - and there's a lot of strong competition! I ask that you jump over, and cast a vote. I won't beg you vote for me, although the prize is an amazing assortment of Bento Booty that wold make me very happy - but for the fun of it cast a vote and make someone's weekend.

Hope you all have a great weekend yourselves!!


creategermany said...


I voted.

Good luck to you...

As always, your bento skills are super amazing!

Bento Pet said...

My vote went to you!

Nancy J. Bond said...

I added another vote. :) Bento is new to me -- I can't wait to investigate! (I know...I gotta get out more!)