Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Husband and Sassy bentos for 5/6/08

Sassy gets her first Pokemon Bento today. I saw someone else do this on a Japanese site and thought - how freaking easy is that!! So had to do it. This is Pseudo Woodo, in case you're not up the 'Mon, mon.

The rice is a mixed furikake and leftover grilled turkey juices. Pseudo Woodo is a cooked hotdog - to give him that gnarled bark wood-look with, hands. Cheese and nori eyes and a nori strip for a mouth. Red pepper and mooli flowers, hot dog flower things and eds held together to look like a heart, a quail's egg and some carrot sticks and left-over red pepper bits from garnish. A strawberry school bar and a sectioned tangerine finish off the meal. I hope she'll be psyched.

Now - just between you and me; we've gotton the SassyFace a *whisper* Pokemon bento box for her birthday in two weeks Shhh! She'll pee her pants when she opens it.

Well I guess this is the protein bento. Husband will appreciate, I'm sure.

Top has carrots, cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers with a couple mooli (like daikon radish) flowers and some leftover bites of grilled turkey steak. A small bottle of soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil for dressing the veggies if so desired.

Bottom has mixed furikake - I don't now what it's called but it has everything in it - rice which I poured the cooked turkey juices into for extra flavour, two quail's eggs, salami, herbed Bavarian smoked cheese swapped cutouts.

I'm now hungry again. Damn.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it.

I'm in awe of your mad Bento Skills.

How did you develop such a passion for all things Bento? Do tell the backstory!

Lyvvie said...

There's not much to tell. The schools raised the price of hot lunch to £1.50 per meal and I thought it was too expensive. So I looked around the internet for what other folks do to make kids' lunches more fun and encourage them to eat it all. The normal sandwich, bag of crisps and a ton of sweets didn't appeal to me. not to Sassy either if I'm honest. She's not a big eater.

While looking I found pictures of bento and thought it was just the thing she'd like. What kid wouldn't want a rice ball that looked like a tiger?!

I started this on May 1st and it's been a success in our house. Husband also loves his bentos as his lunch was pretty much the same thing every day. Now he's the envy of the lunch room.

Creatively it interests me, I've also really enjoyed the bento community on Flickr.

Will you give it a try?