Friday, June 13, 2008

Must. Stop. Buying. Booty!

I just spent £38 at Japan Centre on two new bento boxes and assorted foodstuffs. I told myself no more for the rest of the quarter, and then I go and get this - but Japan Centre had a whole bunch of new stuff!! New bento boxes! An onigiri bento box! How could I say no...I ask you, how could I?? Well I couldn't, you know. Just couldn't say no. Had to do it.

Had. To.

I'll share pictures when the box arrives.

I'm also *cough* going to the Chinese market tomorrow. WITH A LIST! No deviations *cough* from the list *fingers crossed*

Here's what I ordered:

Item NameQTYUnit PriceLine Price
Daiso Lunchbox Bento with Chopsticks & Belt - Pink1£4.99£4.99
Bull-Dog Vegetable and Fruit Sauce (Chu Nou Sauce) (170ml)1£1.34£1.34
Bull-Dog Vegetable and Fruit Tonkatsu Sauce (300ml)1£1.91£1.91
Ishimaru Thick Udon Noodles (Sanuki Futo Udon) (500g)1£2.84£2.84
Urashima Plum and Shiso Leaf Furikake (Ume Shiso Furikake) (48g)1£1.39£1.39
Kanesu Soba Noodles with Plum Extract (Ume Soba) (200g)2£2.65£5.30
Shinshin Pickled Vegetables (Shiba Zuke) (220g)1£1.15£1.15
Nagatanien Chazuke Furikake Plum (Ochazuke Umeboshi) (17g)1£1.43£1.43
Misuzu Fried Beancurd Wraps (O Inari san) (260g)1£2.33£2.33
Daiso Gyoza Dumpling Press1£1.49£1.49
Daiso Happy Balloon Belt - Pink1£1.49£1.49
Daiso Nigiri Sushi Mould1£1.49£1.49
Mitsukan Sushi Vinegar (Sushi Su) (355ml)1£1.30£1.30
Daiso Lube Sheep Triangle Rice Ball Box - Red Rabbit (Sankaku Onigiri Case Usagi)1£1.99£1.99
Daiso Round Onigiri Rice Ball Mould (Onigiri Manmaru)1£1.49£1.49

Damn I love cut/paste.


Bento Pet said...

I love the idea of the edible joke. Wondering where you got the edible paper? I thought I'd write some inspirational stuff for my daughters.

Lyvvie said...

I bought it in the baking section of my grocery store. I use Super Cook edible wafer paper. the pens are food colouring pens, which I also bought in the home bake aisle.

Wafer paper

Decorating pens

Bento Pet said...

Thanks lyvvie!! I'll be wafer paper hunting soon!!