Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sassy Bento 19.6.08

Sassy Bento 18.6.08

I'm still thinking this Pokemon bento is too small. and when Sassy had it the other day she said the top had opened and spilled the stuff out. So I used a bento bean around it this time to prevent that.

Top has cherries, carrot flowers, babybel cheese and some sugar snap peas.

Bottom has egg sheets (recipe was one egg, 1 tsp cornflour, 1/2 tsp salt. Well whisked and poured thinly into and rolled around to cover bottom of a med-hot oiled non-stick pan) wrapped around a crab stick with black sesame seeds. Mange tout, carrot flowers and cocktail sausages. A side of a granola bar and a peach marshmallow sweet.

Also my order from JapanCentre arrived this morning!!

Bento Supplies

The flicker page has notes over all the items with descriptions of each. Click the picture to go and see what the hell it all is.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually jealous of your rice patty mold, as I can't find that ANYWHERE around here!

I had an idea to make teriyaki rice burgers, using the rice as the "bun" of the hamburger.

Lyvvie said...

That sounds nice, where the beef burger juices run into the rice...yes I can see that!

I saw patty moulds years ago from tupperware. I wonder if they still make them? Yes they do, a quick google on "Tupperware patty press" shows they're still around and you can get older versions for reasonable money on ebay, complete with freezer containers.

Overboard said...

Hey you.
How much did that cost with postage? Maybe I can get the stuff way cheaper for you. We can get somen noodles for 50p a pack. Plus heaps of other 'basics' can be got for cheap.
Let me know by email if possible.

Overboard said...

rice patty molds here are 50p. And onigiri shapers etc.

Lyvvie said...

The whole thing plus shipping cost £38. I know it's well and above. Most of it was curiosity. I can get a lot of the food things in the Chinese shops in Edinburgh - well, Chinese versions, but not too far off. It's the plastic utensils that are hard to come by. I've got most of what I need until something breaks - no point in going mental on it!

You could make a fortune selling these things on Ebay.