Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sassy Bento 26.6.08

Sassy Bento 26.6.08

Speed bento number two! Yes this took about 15 minutes to make, because I used ready made pork and apple sausage rolls I bought in tesco with a yellow tag for .50p which is a bargain for a pack of ten.

Today Sassy gets her edible joke, vitamin, pumpkin muffin, peach frube and an orange that I started to peel for her so I hope she eats it. I've wondered if the reason she won't eat them is because she doesn't want to bite the peel to get the peeling started.

Tier has the two sausage and apple rolls with sesame seed eyes carrot faces and sides. Cherries, babybel with cut outs and a sausage for filler.

As usual I'm worried it's not enough. But I have to keep reminding myself this kid isn't a big eater. In fact, if I don't make such a huge lunch for her, she may feel less pressure to eat to eat so much, instead she may think - if this is all I've got, I better eat it all. Yesterday, only the peas came back which is a major improvement. I'll persist with one tier and stop letting the voice in my head that screams "You're neglecting your baby you evil mom!" bother me.

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