Friday, June 27, 2008

Sassy bento 27.6.08 and Panic Pizza

Sassy Bento 27.6.08

I woke up this morning thinking I was so tired that I would treat Sassy to school lunch because Friday is pizza day and every kid loves pizza day, but when I mentioned this ides to Sassy she said the pizza maker is still broken at school - going on 5 months! Pity the kids at her school for they get no pizza on Friday!

I quickly made a pizza out of a tortilla, red Leicester cheese (I ran out of cheddar), ketchup and a sliced hot dog. Can I just say as icky as it sounds - it was really good! I got six slices into her bento. I made two mini rice balls with leftover rice from chili last night with cod roe furikake.

Top has peach marshmallow, joke and a vitamin.

Middle is panic pizza and rice balls.

Bottom has grapes, cherries, babybel with butterfly cutout , raisins and some sugar snap peas.

A forest fruits frube.

Panic Pizza

So in a panic, this has become a fast favourite.

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