Monday, June 2, 2008

Sassy Bento 3/6/08

The kids had school off yesterday so I didn't bother with bentos. Even Husband was sent to work with a boring old sandwich. I have no excuse except for laziness as to why he got a sandwich today too. - a roast chicken, stuffing, gravy and salad one! At least a fancy sarnie.

Today Sassy gets Haribo and a joke (The punch line reads "He over swept). Middle bit has two bear rice shapes in salt and sesame flavour. One has shredded carrot rolled on the outside - I was thinking it may look more tigerish. The other looks cross-eyed. Nori faces.

Two quail's eggs with cut outs - so much easier with quail eggs vs chicken eggs! - with sesame seed eyes and nori mouth. carrot flowers, broccoli bits and rocket salad underneath.

I was running out of time this morning - yes all done in the morning! No evening prep today...damn I was lazy last night. Anyways, the bottom has salami and cheddar with a roll of smoked ham and a babybel. I'm sure the ham didn't need to be there at all but the bottom looked rather empty, now it just looks dumb. Ah well.

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