Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bentos for 7.2.08

Husband Bento 7.2.08

Husband gets leftovers today.

Top: Sweetcorn, pepper and scallion pancake, roast chicken thigh with bulldog sauce and pepper, sugar snap peas.

Bottom: Salmon sushi, cherries and strawberries. Soy sauce. It was great to find small strawberries for a change. Scottish strawberries tend to be enormous and look like huge rude tongues.

Sassy Bento 7.2.08

Last school lunch for the term! She is going to summer camp so it's not the last bento, but it's the last one for 4th grade and that's kind of nice.

Top: sweetcorn, green pepper and scallion pancake cut into triangles, salmon sushi, soy sauce.

Bottom: Sugar snap peas, cherries, strawberries.

A frube, vitamin and a joke.

Pancakes were easy. I just used a basic vegan pancake recipe (minus the sugar)and added chicken seasoning, pepper, sweetcorn, green pepper (Wanted red but ran out), and scallions. Everyone loved them. I love making pancakes.

LuLu has asked for the recipe for the mini pork pies. I admit that I buy these in the shop, but they are very easy to make, but time consuming- it's a next day meal. Here's a video demo and recipe. This is a cold meat pie and it's not diet friendly. It was used by shepherds and farmers to take away for their lunch while in the fields. However, now that I've been asked, I will try and make these myself in mini form. I'll need to find a mini funnel, though.


Linlin said...

Omg, it looks like Finding Nemo sushi XD

Lyvvie said...

Nah, the shop was out of clownfish so I made due with salmon. *wink*

BTW I love Nemi!

Bento Pet said...

Lyvvie: I love the colors of your husband's bento!!

Linlin said...

I didn't think Nemi was known outside Scandinavia! She is spreading!

Lyvvie said...

Thanks Bento Pet. He is the envy of the lunch hall at work.

Linlin, yeah we get her in The Metro which is free paper in the UK. She's brilliant.

Overboard said...

Your family gets to eat so well. You deserve and O.B.E
And Order of the Bento Empire.

Overboard said...

An not And.