Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Family Bentos 7.1.08

Shorty Bento 1.7.08
I had myself a bento box assembly line last night and made one for everyone....except me. I'll make noodles or something for myself. I should treat myself to a bento.

Top: Two ume-shiso rice balls with salt which I made by squeezing the rice into ball shape with plastic wrap - so much easier. A mini pork pie, carrots, cherries and two hot dog ends.

Bottom: Grapes, box of raisins and a cut up school bar blackcurrant flavour.

Shorty keeps asking for a joke, but as she can't read I keep thinking of something other than a joke. I'm going to go and get some nice stamps, paint the stamp with the food colouring pens and then make a print on the edible paper. Only thing is it could get boring after a bit getting the same stamps all the time. The funny thing is, the one time I did write a joke, a few weeks ago - she's remembered it. She tells the joke to everyone in her pre-school. So maybe, jokes are the way for Shorty too, she just needs me to tell them to her.

Sassy Bento 1.7.08

Top: Grapes, cherries, half of a strawberry granola bar and a cut up school bar in blackcurrant flavour. (Too many sweets int his lunch)

Bottom: Rice ball with ume-shiso and some cod roe furikake on top (Leftvoer from a sachet and wanted to get it used up), carrots, mini pork pie, babybel, ham, cheese and egg filo.

Joke and a frube.

Husband Bento 1.7.08

Top: Two chicken filled ume-shiso rice balls topped with cod roe furikake (Leftover from a sachet and I wanted to use it up), mini pork pie, ham and cheese filo. Cherries and carrots.

Bottom: Mini kabobs with hot dog, yellow pepper, cheddar, mooli. Grapes.


Sile said...

What's a "school bar"?

Lyvvie said...

A school bar is store bought pressed fruit bar. I just got tired of explaining in every post. I guess from now on I think should include a link.

Anonymous said...

I need recipes for the rice thingies and pies.

Pronto! Git on it!


Pretty please?

Mollie B said...

Those lunches look amazing. I am pretty jealous.

Lyvvie said...

Ok Lou, coming up.

Thanks Mollie! You should give it a try.