Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Husband Bento 15.7.08

I've slacked off a bit in the bento department. I'm still making them, but I keep forgetting to photograph them. that's just dumb really as it's the whole point of this blog. I guess it's because I've been putting simple things in them like ham and cheese wraps and not been as fancy as I have been. thing is, they still count as lunch, they still fit in the bento so from now on, whatever I feed them for lunch, I'm taking a picture, even if it's boring. Someone may still find a new idea in it.

Right now that my personal pep talk is over, here's Husband's bento for today. I neglected to photograph Sassy's one.

Husband bento 15.7.08

Lazy bento full of leftovers.

Top has roasted turkey thigh meat leftover from a stuffed joint I made for dinner and those bites are all that was left. Red and yellow pepper, roast beef leftover from Sunday roast.

Bottom has ham and cream cheese roll-ups with chopped green onion inside, a cucumber, babybel and a few cherries. We've run out of salad which is why there's so much bottom showing.

He also got an apple, tangerine and a hazelnut granola bar. He's also been getting a shaker with vanilla protein shake powder on gym days. We're using the PHD brand and it's really nice. Vanilla flavour. I have mine in the morning whipped up with a banana and some strawberries.

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