Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Husband Bento 22.7.08

Husband Bento 22.7.08

Porky bento.

Top has sesame and "mystery" furikake (I lost the English translation of the ingredients) with German peppered salami. I would love to add some gherkins to this but Husband wouldn't approve.

Bottom has ritz crackers with spread cheese and hotdog and salad with spinach, rocket, red pepper, carrot, tomato and hot dog.

Cashews, apple and a clemetine.

We're having leftover Chicken Pie.

Chicken PieChicken Pie

Chicken and veg pie is one of my favourite quick meals that everyone likes. It's very simple. Because I cheat. A bit.

My chicken pie is made with store bought short crust pastry and rotisserie chicken. All that's left to do after that is make a gravy and chuck in the veggies of your choice.

To make the gravy I make a roux with 25 grams of fat (You can use butter but I use vegan spread due to dairy allergies) and 25 grams of cornflour. Melt the fat in a saucepan, toss in the flour and whisk into a paste - mine is more crumbly than it should be but it's ok in the end. I'll whisk in a quarter of a cup of chicken stock (from a cube - cheap) at a time until I get to a thickness I'm happy with - not too runny, not too thick. If you find it too runny, stop whisking for a moment and let the heat grow a bit - ten seconds - then whisk again. Often that helps. If it doesn't then mixing another tablespoon of cornflour into a small amount of cold water and adding that mix to the sauce will thicken it back up. I also love to use this gravy with pulled chicken on buttered toast. One of my favourite quick lunches. You can change the flavour of the gravy by changing the flavour of your stock cube.

That's it. Preheat your oven to 180C/355D and cook for 40 minutes or until the crust is cooked.

This pie has asparagus, sweetcorn (frozen), peas (frozen), soya beans (frozen) and carrots. In winter I'll add turnip, potato, carrot and swede. It's all up to you, or just use seasonal. It's a great way to use up veggies.


jomamma said...

What is rocket?

I love to make Chicken Pot Pie, even though I'm the only one that eats it. I use ready made everything sometimes, ready made chicken, can of cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup (I'm allergic to mushrooms)leftover veggies, etc. I have some small tart size pie tins and I make 2 or 3 at a time and freeze them for school lunch.

Hitting the Asian markets this morning to search out the Bento box. Still searching for that little item that Maria likes to talk so fondly of.... mentioning in here may turn everyone away...

Lyvvie said...

Rocket is arugula. My favourite salad leaf. You see why I call myself bilingual. Trilingual if we count the Scots words in there.

Lyvvie said...

OH - You mean the Keeper?? You can definitely get one from Amazon. It's marketed as the Divacup in the USA. Certainly shop around but once you search for menstrual cup in google you'll find they are plentiful.

Any of my blogs are cup friendly!

jomamma said...

Oh yeah, I've found them... I just hate shipping charges. I found one at a Drug store in the USVI, but the group I was with made such a big 'grossed out' deal over it I didn't buy it... I'm kicking myself. I know if Jolea would have been there she would have backed me up... being the sailor chic she is. I'll keep searching via land until all possible outlets have been scoped out, then I'll resort to on-line. By then them Men-o-pause will have set in...

Linlin said...

I always write down the translation on the furikake packages so I won't end up with "mystery furikake" XD

jomamma said...

SUCCESS! I found a Bento Box! It's a little like the one you pack for the hubby. Has alum. outer box with a black plastic section w/divider and lid, chop sticks, bands and bag. It took me quiet awhile to decide, they had huge family size set ups and they had these really cool glass container with plastic snap loc tops. I'll probably end up with some of those. The Fam likes to nuke things in the Tupperware so it gets bubbly and that creeps me out so I trash it. They could just take the lids off and set it on High! I boycotted TW about 10 years ago (I have tons of it), my last purchase from them ended up in the Show hostess keeping half of my order and I couldn't get anyone to help me get it or my money back... so no more Tupper. I'm trying to think what to have for dinner tonight so I can Bento it!