Thursday, July 24, 2008

Husband Bento 23.07.08

Husband Bento


Top has carrots, sugar snap peas and red pepper with cream cheese and nanami togarshi for dipping.

Bottom has rice with a sprinkle of Thai spice and chicken juices, crispy grilled chicken thighs, tonkatsu sauce and a dash of nanami togarashi.


jomamma said...

For a minute there I thought you were having Bar-b-que chicken... I may start looking for a smaller box... I think mine is man-sized. I could seriously hold enough food for my entire day in there. I may try putting the breakfast and mid morn snack on top box and the lunch on the bottom and mid afternoon snack in the bottom.

Bento Pet said...

I'm missing the edible jokes. I managed to get the edible ink pens from Wiltons but I'm still waiting for stock of the edible paper or sugar paper as they call it here. Great idea!

Bento Pet said...

Lyvvie: Please check my blog link:


jomamma said...

Go to and check out their Bento boxes.... nice colors.

Shorty said...

yes a happy little obsession indeed!