Monday, July 7, 2008

Husband Bento 8.7.08

Husband Bento 8.7.08

I've been lazy and making sandwiches for Husband. It means he'll appreciate the bento all the more when they come his way. (Besides, there's been too much exciting Wimbeldon TV. Done now, Yay for Nadal!)

I made my own "Special fried rice" tonight for dinner with gammon and shrimp, red pepper, onion, SSPeas and corn. The leftovers went into the inari with a coriander leaf for pretties.

Bottom has sliced honey ham, SSPeas, mozzarella balls, piccolo tomatoes and herb salad.

The side has raisins and sunflower seeds, and the other side is a protein shake because tomorrow is Husband's 5k run day and he'll need it. He also gets an apple and an orange.

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