Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sassy Bento 17.7.08

Sassy bento 17.7.08

Not very imaginative lunch today. But there's enough in there to keep her happy and far from hunger.

Box contains four mini sausage rolls, a mini cheese string, four mini hot dogs, sugar snap peas and a school bar. a small tub of mixed nuts and a donut peach.

Note to self: Wipe tea spill from counter before taking pictures. Geez.


jenni d said...

Love your bentos. Did you make these sausage rolls or are they premade? Thanks for the info. JD

Lyvvie said...

Thanks Jenni. These were store bought, but I have made them myself. I only buy them in the store if they're yellow tagged for quick sale and it's cheap. They're just sausage meat in puff pastry, so very easy to make.

jomamma said...

Lyvvie... these are awesome! Such a great idea. I just popped in here and what a surprise. You are VERY creative. I think I'll start making my lunch like this once I go back to school in August.

Here's a great idea for tuna... I got it from the Cuban Mammas at school. In your Albacore or even in crab meat, add a couple of teaspoons of mayo (I use the kind that has olive oil in it) the grated rind of one lime, and the juice of that lime and a hand full of chopped cilantro or mint. FANTASTIC! I like to use the cilantro with the tuna and mint with crab.


Lyvvie said...

Thanks for that Jomamma! I love tuna and eat it most days for lunch because a tin is so cheap and full of protein. I'm a weightlifter, so protein is important to me.

I love lime in tuna - love it! I like to use a teaspoon of lime pickle - curried pickled lime from Pataks is a favourite - and it's amazing!

In my link list is a site called "Biggie" go to hers and you'll find tons of links to online bento shops where you can get started. Lots of folks just use tupperware. Try scanning the Flickr groups for bento as well for lots of brilliant ideas; that's where I started.

Good luck, and I hope to see some of yours someday soon!

jomamma said...

OMG girl... I used to lift YEARS ago... I won 3rd and best legs in the first women's bodybuilding competition in the state of Texas, wayyy back in the day, hmmm 1981! I weighed 105lbs and benched 98! Not anymore... It's all I can do to hold a plank in Pilates for 2 mins. Hubby likes a little meat on my bones and he prefers meat and potatoes for dinner.

Lyvvie said...

That's impressive, figure competition at that time was such a no-zone for women. You're awesome!

I just weight lift, but can't cope with the diet for body building. I think I'll be stuck at just over 200 forever. I'm fairly content that I can run a 5k and I have muscle tone and strength, even if it is hidden under the sin of cake. Most days. I'm working on it. I've been a work in progress for over two years.

This is where bento also comes into play because of the 3-2-1 bento formula of 3 part rice, 2 part protein, 1 part sweet. I tend to swap the protein and carb amounts but it does help with portions and meal planning, yet makes it fun and challenging in a good way not an "Oh my God what am I allowed eat?!" kind of way.

Jomamma - why don't you have a blog?? You sound like someone I'd enjoy reading about.

jomamma said...

Oh no, not you too... Maria and Jolea are after me to start. I do some pretty hilarious emails. I would have to quit my job to keep up with blogging, just reading them is depriving my knitting. But I'll think about it, the hubby is starting cancer treatment next week, blogging could be a good escape from that. I know when we were dealing with my mother's treatment he took up remodeling the house... I guess I could blog.