Thursday, July 31, 2008

Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet

.5kg of strawberry pureeSieved puree

Poured into ice cream tubBubbly Granita

We've accidentally bought way too many strawberries. I bought a kilo and then Husband went and bought another half kilo. So to get it used up I thought I should make some sorbet/granita and that way Shorty can have some too, as she's allergic to milk and can't have ice cream.

This is half a kilo of strawberries, pureed and pressed through a sieve and then mixed with a cup of powdered sugar dissolved into a cup of water and a healthy splashing of lemon juice to taste - I like it rather lemony. All mixed together and then given a good whisk to make it all frothy. Frothy because I thought it would be fun that way.

Put into freezer container and freeze for three hours. Pull it out every three hours and bash it up with a potato masher to break up ice crystals and keep the texture smooth. The froth really helps with this. Tasted amazing.


jomamma said...

That sounds excellent, my daughter makes some really great lemon or lime sorbet. And for grown-ups all you have to do is put it in a fancy glass and add a shot of Tequila!

Shorty said...

wow - so how would be pack this in the bento ;)

seriously, thanks for this...i have been wondering how to make my own frosty desserts without an actual ice cream doohicky!

jomamma said...

Hey Lyvvie, do you know if just anyone can order from Ichiban Kan? Biggie talks about it in her blog. It says wholesale in their web page, but I notice a lot of Bento makers say they get their stuff from them.

Lyvvie said...

Watermelon sorbet with tequila and lime. Huzzah!

Shorty...I bet it would go fine in a leak proof tub and melt into something yummy to slurp.

Jomamma, you can order from Ichibankan: absolutely. But I think they also sell wholesale for bulk orders. Just click the banner and go to the regular customer sections. And share your booty when it arrives and make Shorty and I cry in envy.

jomamma said...

Watermelon/lime Tequila Freeze! Girl you are on to something. Let me know how that comes out. I won't buy a watermelon until Jolea returns from paradise, I can't eat one by myself.

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing... Ithink I might have to try it out with our leftover strawberries! :)