Monday, August 25, 2008

Bento for 26.08.08

Bentos for 25.08.08

Not all in traditional bento as there's no rice. Okay, as far as being a bento goes it's pretty lazy. I'm a bit tired tonight.

Husband and Sassyface are getting the same thing, pretty much. Both have blueberries, babybel, sugar snap peas, a banana toffee granola bar, marshmallow and a mini blueberry muffin home-made, with love, by me. They also both get a roast beef and cheese wrap. Husband has a bit extra salad, chili sauce and mustard.

Husband gets some brazil nuts. Sassy isn't allowed them as her school is a nut free zone.

Currently thinking about what else I could stuff in there as I don't like the spaces! See, I am a bento maker at heart now.


Jomamma (judith) said...

I had veterinarian sushi in mine today. I think I'm going Mexican tomorrow. Tamales, guacamole, Crema Casera and salsa.

Jomamma (judith) said...

Hey check out Pikkopots blog... I may have won a knife! It says Judith C. I'm a Judith C....

Devon said...

Hello! I am so impressed with your bento creations for your family! Do you spend hours per evening preparing these nutritious collections? Do you use different ethnic foods than Asian? I'll bet your family never trades their lunch for someone else's PB&J, they look spectacularly tasty and appealing. Bravo for your dedication to their healthy diet.