Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bento for 27.08.08

Bentos for 27.08.08

Once there's an idea for a bento, making multiples is easy. It's the idea in the first place that's hard.

Husband bento has maki sushi with: smoked salmon, tomagoyaki, green onion and orange pepper. Snow peas and soy sauce. Bottom has smoked sausage slices, orange pepper, cherry tomatoes, Spanish olives and peppadew piquante peppers.

Sassy has the same maki sushi and smoked sausage with orange pepper and soy sauce. Bottom has cherry tomatoes, snow peas, a granola bar and a marshmallow.


nobu said...

Oh, it's colourful and pretty.
I have never had smoked salmon as ingredient of sushi.But it looks delicious.

Lyvvie said...

In Scotland we get a lot of smoked fish, so it makes sense to use it. I would have to search very hard to find sashimi grade fish. It's not readily available for the common market. I also love peppered smoked mackerel in sushi.

I'm going to use shrimp tonight!