Friday, August 1, 2008

Bento Pet's contest shortlisted!

Well I don't know how many pictures Bento Pet had to wade through, but as promised, on the 29th she posted up her ten finalists in her bento contest. Glad to say that I'm in the list. Will I win? Nah. I just like to enter, but don't expect to win. I'm happy to get the blog out there and recognized in the bento communities and also add some new friends to my links list. Besides, I won a free book from Smart Bitches so my quota of luck on freebies is used up. BUT go and have a look at the finalists! And then vote at the top of the page where the poll is.

Shortlisted Bentos

Also in the list is my bento pal Jacki. Nice to be among friends.

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jomamma said...

Yes I like Jacki's blog... I spent all last night after yoga class looking thru the Flicker bentos. Jeez... I got on Ichiban Kan this morning after yoga and ordered 3 bento boxes, some sauce bottles, condiment cups, paper food cups and a couple of little silicone cups. Then on the way to the Mercado (Mexican market) I got some silicone cupcake cups at Wally World. I could not believe my Ichiban order was only $16 with shipping... I couldn't drive around Plano looking for boxes for that! I'm so excited! I can't wait for school to start!