Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bentos for 13.08.08

Bentos 12.08.08

Husband and Sassy bentos for tomorrow. I was playing with my new mini sushi bite maker and it's GREAT!

Sassy Bento: Top has sausage, babybel, corn nuts, brazil nuts and gummy people.

Bottom has Sushi bites with smoked salmon and a drop of seaweed paste inside and sesame furikake, nori or red perilla on it. Mange tout for dividers.

Husband Bento: Top has sausage, mange tout, red pepper, corn nuts (Which Husband proclaimed "They look like teeth! They're gross!") brazil nuts.

Bottom has the same mixed sushi bites with a couple of wasabi furikake extra.

I did also sing while making these bentos. I was singing the Chef's song from The Little Mermaid. ""...and I stuff you with bread, it won't hurt cuz you're dead and you're certainly lucky you are..."

Mini bite sushi maker is awesome. Just amazingly easy.

Sushi Bites (Cheater!!)Sushi Bites (Cheater!!)Sushi Bites


nobu said...

Oh! the sushi maker worked well.
I'ts great.

jmc said...

Oh, no, now I have the fish song stuck in my head.

Yesterday it was Alan Rickman's dialogue from Robin Hood, courtesy of my sister. Had to go home and hunt up my old VCR tape to watch his scenes. This evening I'll be watching The Little Mermaid instead of the Olympics.

Shorty said...

OMG that is so awesome (i think i keep saying that).

i used snow peas today too...

Jomamma (judith) said...

Those are beautiful! You make it look so easy.

jmc, just watch the Olympics and you will have that tune in your head.

Lyvvie.... did you go look at my purchase? I put it on my blog. Probably made people wonder 'what in the world?' Hope I start another fad.

Sile said...

I want that sushi maker. WANT! Heehee.

Jacki said...

I have the same bite size onigiri maker and I love it! Yours look much prettier than mine though. I never thought of rolling them in sesame seeds, it looks great and they probably don't stick to your fingers.

Holly said...

Ooh, those look delicious, and I love the edible dividers!