Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bentos for 14.08.08

Bentos 14.08.08

Sassy bento has soy and sesame gammon, carrot, babybel and a fruit bar. Bottom has two onigiri with red perillo furikake (Sassy likes it because they come out so purple) with gammon inside, red pepper, mange tout and carrot.

Husband bento is wasabi furikake rice, soy and sesame gammon. Bottom has herb salad, mange tout, red pepper and a babybel. Sesame, rice vinegar and soy dressing.

The gammon is very quick and easy to make. I buy it in packs of two steaks. Get a fry pan nice and hot and add sesame oil and soy sauce then put the gammon steak in the pan and cook for about 2 minutes each side or until done. Really fast and easy and So Tasty! I'll do the same with Turkey steaks and sirloin as well, the secret is to get thin cut fillets.

Also, I tried to google perillo and got nothing. So I wagered it was red shiso and I found it - although it's called perilla, so I'm guessing the packet translation has a typo. It's also known as beefsteak plant and purple mint. Certainly doesn't taste minty.


Jomamma (judith) said...

OK, I give up, what's Mange tout and Gammon. Looks like ham, gammon, hammon.... but I don't have a clue what a mange tout is.

nobu said...

I think totaly those are very healty bento. I can eat it every day.

Lyvvie said...
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Lyvvie said...

Gammon is ham. It's cured and comes from the lower part of the bacon side. Very tender, bit salty and doesn't have that BO porkie taste you can sometimes get with bacon.

Mange tout is the same as snow peas, or flat peas. Other things I may say that make no sense:

Courgette = zucchini

Aubergine = eggplant

I can't think of the others. for all that the UK and France aren't the best of pals, they're happy to steal their food names.

Lyvvie said...

Thank you Nobu! That is a wonderful compliment.

Shorty said...

How did you cut the carrot shapes?

nobu said...

Especialy, I think the herb salad is delicious.
It's rarely see in Japan.

Lyvvie said...

I used shaped cutters that I bought from Lakeland Limited in the UK. Yu can order the same ones via Amazon USA here

Jomamma (judith) said...

Thanks Lyvvie for the definitions, I'm really into other cultures, and understanding the languages and different words used for everyday items is just part of it. Just like Bento is another word for lunchbox.

Hope you don't get tired of my cross (culture)examination.

Jomamma (judith) said...

Hey, I used my metal bento on my coffee cup warmer, to heat up my lunch! Worked great. Just took the cold stuff out and put the lid back on and let it sit there for about an hour before I was ready to eat.... I can't eat cold patty melt.