Monday, August 11, 2008

Gymtime Bentos

Gymtime Bentos

Sassy is in all day play camp at our sports center. I go to the gym at the same SC and they have a creche where Shorty can play for two hours at a time. So bright an early this morning the three of us walked up to start our day.

Left is Sassy's bento lunch which has pulled chicken breast with soy sauce, mini sausages, sugar snap peas, almonds. the smaller tier has snacks of babybel, fruit bar and a mini lollipop.

Middle one is my post workout meal. Pulled chicken (About 150grams) mixed herb salad, mange tout, small handful of almonds and a soy sauce dressing.

The blue one is Shorty's snack box with almonds, sausages, chicken, sugar snap peas and a fruit bar.

Ok now, blog friends. I must confess; I just ordered stuff from Jlist. YIKES! I'm not supposed to but I just have some stuuuuuufff! You know what I mean right? I didn't order bento boxes,just deco stuff. In fact, I ordered this:

Qty Description Price
1 Super Mini Triangle ONIGIRI Maker $3.25
1 DECO Bento Set " Flower " ~ vegetable Shaper & BARAN / Partition $3.00
1 Wiener Shaper -- Octopus $2.50
1 Pocket Monster PIKACHU 3D ONIGIRI Shaper $6.80
1 Super Mini Cube ONIGIRI Maker $3.25
1 Hello Kitty Vegetable Cutter for Bento - Onigiri Sanrio $7.50
1 Hello Kitty Training Chopsticks $6.00
1 Niko Niko Punch 3 -- Face Bento Decoration

Shhhh. Don't tell! I'm so very naughty as I'd said no more until X-mas. And then everyone was out buying stuff, and being so happy an excited...I couldn't not have a piece of that action!!


Jomamma (judith) said...

Don't worry, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Doesn't he have a vice? Someone asked me one time, "why don't you make your hubby quit smoking?" 1st how can I MAKE him do anything... 2nd I can use that expensive bad habit to my advantage it I work it just right... If he doesn't want me to buy shoes (and bento stuff now) then he can quit.

Just like the fact that he has 5 guitars, 2 banjos and almost a doz. mandolins... and when I say "I'm going to the Virgin Islands" he says "for one week or two?"

Shorty said...

you mean you made a lunch for me ;)

Lyvvie said...

I wish I could say "I'm going to the Virgin Islands." and have no discord. It's ok, as he just bought himself a bunch of doo-dads for his NEW iPod monster.

You can fight the kids for it, Shorty. Or you'll have to be Big Shorty. LongTallShorty?

Funny how the day after I splurge and buy stuff to make feel better, I get three deliveries, two of them full of presents and surprises. Karma was a day late, and I am, yet again, too impulsive. BUT - none of the parcels today had the same stuff I ordered so I'm still excited.

Sile said...

The octopus is probably one of my most used items. I just can't resist making octodogs with my mac n cheese!

For some reason, I can't get on the j-list. Looks like they've blocked the site at work. Figures. Darnit, I'm curious about some of those items!!! >.<

Sometimes you can't help picking up new bento gadgets. My drug of choice is Ichiban Kan. I just got a box of new stuff last night. We should form a bento anonymous group. ;)