Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Must Have This!!!!

I want one! When's Maria due back n Japan so I can get her to be my middle-person for delivery because the shop won't ship outside Japan. Don't they know how they could make the bento fans around the world happy if only they'd ship worldwide?!

futomaki maker for kids

See more Here! So Kawaii!!

It even comes with a mini menu! It's just too sweet.

It's for me. not the kids. I suppose I could let them play with it. On their birthdays or something but it would be MINE!


Shorty said...

are you kidding? OMG that is so awesome

i bought stuff Lyv i bought stuff!

i am so excited!

Jomamma (judith) said...

That is so cool, I have got to start doing things with rice, but rice isn't a big staple in Texas cooking. And I have never eaten sushi. I know... smack me down! But this is Texas, we eat some sort of beef 3 times a day.

Emily said...

Mmmph, looks interesting and must be a fabulous invention.... but pardon my asking... what is it? LOL!

Emily said...

Oh ok, I click on something in yellow and the explanation is given! woohoo - really nice!

allthingspurple said...

It's a bento addict decease, the "must have" decease. I ordered one too. The moment I set eyes on it, I want one !! ha ha. Been waiting one month for it's arrival already. Doesn't look as if it's going to be arrivign anytime in the next 3 week either.

allthingspurple said...

oops, sorry. I haven't introduce myself. I am Christene and have been enjoying your posts for awhile now. Love all your bento-s!

Sile said...

HOLY CRAP THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER! There are so many cool japanese gadgets and so little money and way to actually buy them!