Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sandwich Presses From My Mom!!

Sandwich Presses

My Mom sent me these as a surprise! Aren't they great?

Annoyingly though, when I went to use them I discovered our bread had gone moldy. So I made a peanut butter and jelly wrap instead. Worked a treat!

Sandwich PressesSandwich PressesSandwich Presses

Of course, we'll call them Nessies.

Also arrived today was a food order I placed with Japan Centre as we were running low on supplies.

Order from Japan Centre

I was running low on supplies so ordered up some reserves.

I have:

Orange Page (オレンジページ)

Daiso Lunchbox Bento Belt - Pink Rabbit

Daiso Lunchbox Bento Belt - Red Strawberry

Daiso Bite Sized Bento Onigiri Rice Ball
Mould (Onigiri Ki Hitokuchi Saizu)

Mitsukan Shiso Leaf Furikake (Omusubi Yama Shiso) (13g)

Mishima Wasabi Furikake (60g)

Maruai MSG Free Black Sesame and Salt Furikake (Mutenka Goma Shio) (40g)

Kikkoman Soy Sauce (Shoyu) (1L)

Mishima Shiso Leaf Furikake (Shiso Yukari) (26g)

Takaokaya Seasoned Nori Seaweed (Ajitsuke Okazu Nori Ohayou) (22g)

Momoya Nori Seaweed Paste (Gohan Desuyo) (100g)

Maruchan Hiyashi Ramen Sesame (Goma Dare Hiyashi Ramen) (131g)

The picture should take you to the Flickr page where all the items have been labeled so you can see which is what.


nobu said...

I like that dinosaur.

Sile said...

Those are great! I got the heart shape some time around valentine's day and have yet to use it. LOL I don't normally keep bread in the house, but you've inspired me to try it with tortilla. hmm. heart shaped quesadillas? :D

Allergy Mom said...

I have the same ones, plus a teddy bear, that were also gifts from my mom! (Great grandmas think alike, I guess.) The dinosaur one gets a real workout at our house, the others not so much. Libby

Allergy Mom said...

I forgot to mention, they work best for me on bread when I cut out the bread with the press first, then add spread or toppings. Two slices plus filling are too thick for the presses.

Shorty said...

oh i love it!

My husband said i had to stop buying tupperware...harumf! i said it is NOT tupperware...its BENTO

Bento Pet said...

I like the Dino too! I only have the heart shape one.

Lyvvie said...

I've just come home - with bread! Thanks a lot for the advice about cutting the bits separately. But really - don't you think the poor dino with the clubbed foot looks more like a Nessie??

I told Sassy this afternoon I got a mini onigiri maker and that we'd try out the new furikake on them. she was almost as excited as me which was a nice surprise. She asked if they could please have salmon in them. Isn't she great!

Jomamma (judith) said...

I saw those at the Asian market the other day... too bad my kids don't eat anymore. Their grown... need I say more?

I'm inspired to go back to the market for a lesson in furitake.

Shorty said...

Oh i did something with bread yesterday - i rolled my veggie dog in the bread with the crusts cut off - then i "fried" the crusts in light oil and cinnamon, and mixed it with my almonds, pecans and chopped dates for my mid morning snack...mmmmm

nobu said...

My wife usually buy kikkoman soy sauce. It is most popular soy sauce in Japan.
Gohan desuyo is a long seller Nori paste. "Gohan desuyo" means "supper(lunch,breckfast) is ready".

Lyvvie said...

Thanks Nobu - you saved me the trouble of looking that up because I knew gohan was rice or a meal but didn't understand the sentence.

It's going to be so much fun translating it all.

Aha! So there - Shorty; who's the Dork now?? *wink*