Monday, August 4, 2008

Sassy Lunch 4.8.08

Sassy Lunch 04.08.08

Sassy's lunch for today is in a lock-n-lock because I forgot to clean the bento box from the weekend which I filled with snacks for Shorty in case we went to a restaurant where there was nothing she could eat. It was a tad furry. I am bad.

So here was have a clementine, plum and fruit bar. The box has some sugar snap peas, a ham and cheese roll with ketchup, a couple of orange tomatoes and a few brazil nuts.

She just has a sport bottle with water in it. She prefers water instead of juice. She says I water down the diluting juice too much and she likes it to have a very strong flavour so if I won't make it right* she'll just have water. Whatever, Brat.

*(I do make it right; 10% juice to water just like it says on the directions, she's just unreasonable)


jomamma said...

How old is she? 25? Been there and done that...

nobu said...

That fruit is looks like "Mikan".
Is that summer fruit?

Lyvvie said...

A clementine is similar to mikan but is sweeter and doesn't have the spicy scent. Mandarins are more common in the autumn here, but we can get them all year. I like clementines because the skins are very easy to peel off. Easy for children to peel.