Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bento for 04.09.08

Bento for 04.09.08

Top left is Sassy's bento. It has two mini frittatas, two mini ham, cheese and green pepper kebobs. Cherry tomatoes, mange tout, octodogs, and broccoli bits.

Top right is Husband's bento, which has the same, minus broccoli as he hates it. top has marshmallow sweet, fruit bar and mixed nuts.

Bottom has my after gym snack of ham cheese and...oh really it's not important. Some folks are just so nosy. *teehee*

No bento for tomorrow as Husband is away on site and will partake of hot lunch at the posh cafeteria *wah!* so in a huff I told Sassy she can have school lunch, and as it's Friday it's pizza day so she was psyched.

So unappreciated. The beggars.

I'll eat the leftovers. I'll have the nice bento for change. So there! Shorty and I for the win. *pthllpbth*


Jomamma (judith) said...

I was just showing Jody and Jolea Biggie's bentos for today... they both thought ya'll had a wee bit too much time on your hands and wanted to know if you got up at 3 in the morning? I prefer to make the bento at night and knit in the morning.

nobu said...

Those mini frittatas are looks delicious!.

Lyvvie said...

No way three hours! Granted some of the women in Japan can do that, but not every day for every bento. OK, you know there will a few, but they're the exception! No, mine generally take about a half an hour. I use leftovers from dinner and fresh veggies and Husband and Sassy get the same things, pretty much except one looks more adult and one more kid-friendly.

Thanks Nobu! They were very nice, and I'm told they held over quite well for the next day's lunch. No soggy frittatas which was a worry.