Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bento for 24.09.08

Husband gets leftover chicken breast, salami slices, sugar snap peas, yellow pepper and cheese cubes. Bottom tier has a few chocolate biscuits, almonds and a breakfast bar. He'll get a couple pieces of fruit and a protein shake added to his lunchbox.

No school tomorrow as the lunch workers and janitors are on strike.

I had the onigiri messy play day with the nursery today - it went great! The kids seemed really interested and had a lot of fun squidging rice and making shapes. they played with the egg shapers the most, don't know why, maybe they seemed the least fiddly?

I made a full kilo of rice and split it into three bowls and coloured each red, blue and green. The girls were the most curious and keen to get stuck in while the boys hovered about saying they didn't like to get sticky or dirty - weird boys! What mean Moms they must have to let them think they can't sticky or dirty. They watched a lot and a few came around and gave it a try.

I thought it was sweet how most of the girls would take dainty handfuls of rice and try and fill a shape until given permission to have a big handful of rice. It was as if they were worried about taking too much. I had to keep saying "No, take a BIG handful and stuff up the shape, then smoosh the rice in it." Then they took to the task like gangbusters. Not one child ate one vegetable that I cut up. Most of them were happy to eat the rice balls and nori - they loved the face punches, absolutely loved them, and were fascinated by the "edible paper" (nori). I don't think one of them thought the seaweed was yucky.

Clean up was extensive. That's all I'll say.

When talking with the Mums afterwards I was telling one how much fun her son enjoyed it in particular and how it was a shame that of the three boys who gave it a try only one actually was willing to eat the rice. "Well it wasn't my son, he hates rice." Well when I told her it was her son she was gobsmacked. Didn't believe me, and then asked for the recipe. I told her maybe the fact it was blue and Pikachu made it ok?

I don't know when the turn for the 7th graders comes as they've not gotten back to me on dates but I'm assured they'll be a million times easier and ask tons of questions. that made me feel a whole lot better. It was a great time. And my daughter felt like a star to have her Mum there for the day, plus she knew all the answers to the questions about onigiri and where they came from and what we do with an onigiri "Eat it!!"


Jomamma said...

I knew you would be great!

Para i familiaku said...

DELICIOUS! I like how you include almonds in the bento..

Bento Pet said...

Well done with the kids 'adventure' with moulded rice! What an experience!

BTW I'm missing Sassy's edible jokes!

Lyvvie said...

Thanks Judith!

Almonds are wonderful snacks and great for busy husbands who are trying to avoid the vending machines.

We're missing them too Pet, but I've not found the rice paper in the shops recently. I'll have to look further afield. If soy wrappers weren't so expensive I'd use those instead.

Shorty said...

looks beautiful! as always!