Thursday, October 2, 2008

As evidence of my previous post, this was Sassy's lunch on Tuesday. How uninspired.

Bento for 30.09.08

Today she gets this:

Bento for 02.10.08

Today's bento is for SassyFace as Husband is going out for lunch and dinner with clients, lucky sod.

She gets a heart shaped sandwich of boring cheese and ketchup which she loves but I dread in its complete lack of anything interesting, carrot slices with Hello Kitty faces, sliced giant clemetine, pork sausage, tomagoyaki, babybel and snow peas.

I added a box of orange juice, a fruit bar and a bag of gummy skulls with gooey bloody middles of strawberry syrup. Bleh and yum all at once.


Shorty said...

heart shaped samweeeches! YUM!

Jomamma said...

You are such a good mamma!

Jomamma said...

I bought your girls something today...

nobu said...

Carrot with Hello kitty. I's pretty.