Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bento Break

Just want to let you gorgeous people know that I'll not be posting Bento for the next week. I'm getting my kitchen pulled out and replaced with a brand new one. I'll be back with pictures of new Bento and kitchen for early November. Wish us luck that the contractors aren't stoned, arrogant jerkwads. See you soon!


Overboard said...

Take some before pics.
To compare with the after.

Shorty said...

New kitchen! So jealous! I can't wait to see it. Will there be a special Bento area? :)

eilismaura said...

omg I am sooooooooooooooo JEALOUS!!!

Well I live in a 'handy man's special' and am married to a carpenter - you know nothing gets done here!!!!!

Best wishes that the work goes well and you all enjoy the new kitchen!

Lyvvie said...

I just took pictures of the kitchen in its barren, 80's clad, horrific glory. Will post later on.

There's not going to be a special bento area, but there will be a cupboard for the bento supplies which is just as good.

Eilismaura - I know exactly what you mean. My Dad was a carpenter and I grew up in a house that was a non-stop project. Houses that don't have a section of exposed drywall just feel weird to me. (I currently have that in my bathroom)

Jomamma said...

I'm excited and can't wait to see the pictures. Jolea and I talked about you as we toured the model rooms and kitchens at Ikea last Saturday.