Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Manic House

Things are very busy here just now. I'm also having trouble as the kids, who aren't getting out to play and run wild and burn tons of calories like they did over the summer, aren't as hungry and the need to make such big meals which lead to leftovers for bento has gone down. I've got a lot on and I'm out of the house - needless to say I've been making quicker sandwich lunches and not bento. Although today I did make bento as I had leftover ginger soy chicken from last night's dinner but I was so tired last night I didn't photograph them. This has been the way this past couple weeks.

Also, I started Atkins again a couple weeks ago and the not having rice seems to have stumped me in bento making. It's a complete mental block because I've made loads of bento without rice so why is this different? I made the mental association of bento=rice. It was convenient "out" clause for my tired mind which said "No rice no bento, make a sandwich instead." I now see the total dipshitness of that.

So in the coming weeks I'll probably make fewer bento but I'm going to make the effort to make sure they are quality bento. My family are worth it.

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