Sunday, November 23, 2008

What am I like?

I made bento last week, uploaded to Flicker and then completely forgot to put them up here on my beloved Bento site. I blame the head cold. It's eroding my brain. I posted on my personal blog that I have a village of Trolls excavating space so they breed in my sinuses and are clearing space down my neck and now into the space under my shoulder blade. Not comfy.

Anyway, here are the two bento I forgot to post last week.


Bento for 20.11.08

leftover naan bread pizza (Thank you Nigella!) that has pepper, onion and cheddar/mozzarella mix. Roast ham, cheese cubes and clementine slice. (I ate the leftover slices. They were yummy.)

Pretzel sticks and a fruit bar. A tub with half a mini Belgian waffle and a couple vitamins.


Bento for 19.11.08

Mini wrap with ham, cheese and ketchup. Snow peas. Pretzel sticks, clementine slices - so sweet and tart! - a fruit bar hidden underneath and some craisons. Dunkers.

She ate it all. It was boring and she liked it. Would she eat the uber-fancy onigiri? No but this boring pap she loves. Not fair.

There we go - up to date.

I'm currently working on a 30-day challenge that will include recipes. Those of you who don't know me apart from bento should know that I'm an avid gym goer and weight lifter, very active. I also love food, which is why my weight has been over 200lbs for the past 10 years. Yes yes, a fat fit person, we do exist. I've been visiting a very fun blog called The Fat Loss Troubleshooter run by personal trainer, Leigh Peele. She ran the 30-day "One Big Meal" challenge recently and her team had great success. I bowed out because I didn't have 30 meals pre-prepared (More likely 15 would suffice), at least mentally, in order to make it work. So I've been scouring the internet for one pot dishes that would work. The good thing is although you'll be eating the same meal all day (You didn't think it would be one meal per day - no no - all your required calories for the whole day baked into one meal that you portion out throughout the day), you can change the meal from day to day to get the variety one needs to stave off boredom.

So I'm planning this for December 1st. I'll include recipes, and that means Christmas too, which lets be honest is just One Big Meal. On this challenge you are allowed a cheat day or re-feed day per week and I'll probably count that as Christmas day and New Years. It may work, it may not, but at least for now it gives me something to look forward to, plan and have fun with.


eilis alana said...

I never used to call myself a fit fat person though for a good number of the years before I developed MS I was one. The lowest I could ever get was like 150 and that was hard and did not necessarily feel good.

I credit being from good hearty farm stock type people. I could do laboring and dance the night away.

With the MS came more weight but still strong and fairly compact.

Bentos have been a great help so I am going to look at the two sites you mentioned - maybe they can be part of my overall self care!

Thanks so much for sharing and demonstrating so many great things!

(btw - how does one get to be an Obento Babe??)

Lyvvie said...

Yes yes, I'm of the farm stock too! Big boned, big boobed and, well...just big all over. MS is such a bummer. One of my close friends has it too and the problem with getting overheated drives her crazy - which is why Scotland is the best place for her to be honest. She often does ten minute exercise sprints and stops before she can break a sweat.

I like showing and demonstrating so I guess I'll have to do more! Thank you for the encouragement.

Obento Babes are folks with bento blogs - you are added too.