Monday, December 8, 2008

bento for 08.12.08

Bento for 8.12.08

Husband got a boring western lunch today with a roast beef sandwich and fruit and cookies. He annoyed me this weekend. No fancy lunch for him.

Sassy gets leftover veggie pizza, sugar snap peas, ham and cream cheese wrapped around cucumber and red pepper, persimmon and a cheese stick which is hidden under the persimmon.

I'm looking up quiche recipes today and will hopefully have something done this week. I think quiche is a great winter meal. Also, I'm trying to find recipes that are for he bento that are high flavour and high calorie in a small package but aren't sweets. It's easy to do with sweets but getting a high protein, high energy, calorie packed yummy lunch bit into bento size and will still taste good cold is a challenge.

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Jomamma said...

Did you get the box yet? I'm starting to worry about it.