Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bento for 10.12.08

Bento for 10.12.08

I need to get groceries. The girls are having growth spurts and are eating everything! I can't keep up with the "I'm hungry!" demands. And they're so skinny! You'd never know they chowed down non-stop. As a result this looks a bit light because I'm just running out of food. She may get cereal and a cup of milk for lunch tomorrow.

Today she got red pepper and sugar snap peas, a ham cream cheese and ketchup sandwich, cream cheese Ritz cracker sandwiches (Always better with peanut butter but her school doesn't allow), yogurt tube and a cheese string. Also an apple. If she wasn't so picky I could put plenty more but she has to be fussy - it's what The Sassyface is all about.


Jomamma said...

I got the cutest collapsible sandwich box in my last order.... I like it...

allthingspurple said...

my 8 year old is suddenly like your girls that too. Growth spurt? From a real picky eater, suddenly she is eating everything I put in front of her. But isn't that so assuring? Not having to worry about them not eating anymore?