Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bento for 18.12.08

Bento for 18.12.08

Husband gets a DIYBLT today. I didn't want to make the whole sadnwich ahead of time because by the time he'd get to eat it the tomato would've made the bread soggy. So the bacon and cream cheese is ready done and all he'll have to do is add the chopped tomato and lettuce for a scrummy BLT. He also gets a wee box of mixed nuts, crisps and a blueberry muffin.

The kids both have Christmas parties today at school and I made them small snack boxes to nibble from - especially for Shorty as she can't eat what everyone else does.

Sure this may look like the lamest Christmas snack box for the class party, but the kids asked for these things, and they are very excited.

School party Food

There is a blueberry muffin - I offered fairy cakes with frosting but they wanted the muffins, crazy I know (Sassy ate hers for breakfast)! I'd have gone for cakes and frosting myself - chocolate chip cookies, orange sugar cookies, starburst fruit chews, potato rings, Sassy gets a few veggies and lychees and a bacon and cream cheese sandwich.

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