Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bento for 06.01.09 and 07.01.09

I'm in a financial pickle just now that I won't pester you folks with, but let's just say I'm still waiting for a large refund to come back. As a result I've been skimping on the grocery bills and living off the bounty of my freezer. That means a lot of stew, soup and burgers with steakchips. I seriously need to get some groceries now. I looked into the fridge to get something ready for Sassy's first day back to school and there slim pickings, meagre offerings and a few mouldy cucumber ends. So yesterday, Sassy got this:

Sassy Bento 6.1.09

There's two onigiri both with seasoned chicken inside from last night's dinner. Carrot sticks, red pepper slices and a Hello Kitty egg flavoured furikaki packet. Crisps and a mini blueberry-orange muffin. I worried if it was enough, but she's a light eater so it was fine.

Today there was even less to choose from. I didn't do the shopping yesterday. Yet, there was inspiration from all sides from my beloved bento friends. Today, Sassy got this:

Sassy Bento 7.1.09Sassy Bento 7.1.09

This bento is made with the remaining few things left in my fridge and cupboards. I'm very thankful I've found Anna The Red and All Things Purple or I'd have not had any ideas of my own.

This is a DIY lunch where the small tub contains tuna and sweet corn mayonnaise and the bento has four small slices of bread for her to make her sandwiches with. On the bread are some hot dog mushrooms with cheese stems (there was one snack cheese left in the fridge) which was an idea from ATP's site, the rest of the hot dog is in the bottom of the bento. Cucumber, carrot sticks and a few bits of raw broccoli give a nest for the "chicken" egg. Tutorial followed at Anna's site.

She also gets a pack of crisps and a fancy chocolate cookie.

I'm going shopping later today.


eilis alana said...

You did a brilliant job on these.

I hope you don't have to wait much longer for your 'ship' to come in!!!

jmc said...

Those look pretty tasty to me -- I wouldn't have guessed that they were the dregs of the fridge, freezer and cupboard.