Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bentos for 21.01.09

Bento for 21.01.09

Husband's bento has grilled chicken thigh on rice and gravy. Mini kebabs of smoked cheese and ham, grapes, red peppers, carrots and salami flowers.

Bento for 21.01.09

Sassy's bento has a grilled chicken onigiri, sausages, extra chicken on a chicken pick, cheese, red peppers in a carrot ring, half a tangy satsuma and grapes in carrot rings. The rings were left over from Husband's carrot shapes - I like to think of them as wee planets.


Nej said...

I would love to be sent to work/school with one of these in my briefcase/backpack. You have a wonderful talent (passion?) for it!!! :-)

Flying Lily said...

I'm going to use that carrot ring idea!! Very pretty bentos for both your lucky loved ones.