Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bentos for 22.01.09

Bento for 22.01.09

Sassy gets a nest of leftover ginger, soy and garlic soba noodles in a chicken gravy with mushrooms and lotus root. Three slices of string cheese for "eggs". Hard boiled egg mommy chicken, sliced ham, carrots and red peppers. She gets a granola bar as a treat.

Bento for 22.01.09

Husband gets leftover ginger, soy and garlic soba noodles in a chicken gravy with mushrooms, spring onion and lotus root. For dinner we had the noodles with stir-fry chicken, but all the chicken was gone with plenty noodles and sauce, so I just added in some ham that's been in the fridge for sandwiches. Bottom tier has carrots, red peppers and dip made from cream cheese, chili miso paste and French mustard - sounds icky but tastes awesome. Three olives fill in the space under the dip.

Lotus roots were bought from Japan Centre and came with no instructions at all on what to do with them, but I'd seen them used and figured it can't be too hard. So a google on "How to cook lotus root" gave me Maki's Just Hungry site where she tells not only how to cook them but gives several recipes too. The family were very "Oooo what's this weird thing?" and everyone liked them. They're pretty flavourless and just take on the taste of the sauce used. They just add crunch and visual appeal. Three large roots for £4.30 was a bargin...I think? I also bought low salt soy sauce, soba noodles, cooking saki (on sale!), mayonnaise cups and onigiri wraps. I have to reign in my splurging at JC as it's easy to go crazy to want everything!


Shorty said...

i love the egg!

Lyvvie said...

So much better then a plain ole' white egg, no? teehee!