Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sassy Bento 08.01.09

Sassy Bento 08.01.09

Roast beef, cheese and veg pastie, carrots, red peppers, wiener flowers and sugar snap peas, grapes and and attempted wiener-salami flower that was a fail because Danish salami is too fatty and it just melts and won't cut and the egg sheet was too thick but the wieners came out nice. At least it'll taste nice. Under the grapes lurks a chocolate covered cookie.

I got the idea for the pasties from Sakurako Kitsa's recent post on how to make samosas. As I had plenty roast beef and enough cheese and veg I thought I'd make some bento sized pasties.

Mini Meat Pasties

They're rather yummy, if I say so myself.


Patricia said...

That pasty looks delicious! They're big here in Michigan, especially in the upper peninsula. I always get one when I go up there. I might just have to attempt them myself!

Lyvvie said...

I hope you do! They're really nice. My advice is if you do make them, add a wee pat of butter to the mix before sealing it up to stop it drying out. I will next time.

eilis alana said...

I think I will try this too - I am bored with things I am doing now and it is getting too cold to have cold meals that are meant to be cold.

I am not sure about adding butter to my first possible filling - pulled pork - though.

jomamma said...

No butter makes everything better... those look fantastic.

jomamma said...

That should be:

No.... butter makes everything better, or everything is better with butter. Even spaghetti!

Lyvvie said...

You could just use a few drops of oil instead. the point is, you're re-baking already cooked meat, and it needs something to keep it from drying out. I think water would evaporate or make the pastry soggy. Extra cheese would do it too.

Lyvvie said...

Also I agree butter makes everything better. Vive le Butter. Down with margarine.